History in a nutshell

Not only football present and daring future plans. Viktoria can take pride in their rich history, too. In 2011 the club celebrated 100th anniversary and during this long history the fans experienced a lot of joy as well as bitter moments – together with the players, coaches and managment of the club they also wrote important chapters of the Czech football.

Viktoria is a tradition bearer of the club, which changed its name several times over the years. The fans supported these teams:

SK Viktoria Plzeň (1911 - 1948)
Sokol Škoda Plzeň (1949 - 1952)
Sokol ZVIL Plzeň (1952 - 1953)
DSO Spartak LZ Plzeň (1953 - 1962)
TJ Spartak LZ Plzeň (1962 - 1965)
TJ Škoda Plzeň (1965 - 1992)
FC Viktoria Plzeň (1993 – now)

The history remembers those big names, such as Vladimír Bína, Vladimír Perk, Stanislav Štrunc, František Plass or Jiří Sloup. Many of you surely remember those men who ruled on the coaches´ level. Namely, Jiří Rubáš or Václav Michálek who wrote gold chapters of Viktoria´s football history.

The gold age of Viktoria cannot be not mentioned when the team around Pavel Horváth twice advanced to the group stage of the Champions League, once to the Europa League and as the only Czech team they made it to advance to the spring part in European cups. The two Czech champion titles, when the life in Plzeň literally stopped for a while, sticked in the fans´ minds, too. When listing the successes, there must be mentioned the final win in the Czech Cup in the season 2009/10 followed by the Supercup trophy. Hope the Viktoria´s story is not at its end and all the regular fans will wait to see further success in the following years.

Let´s reveal together passed decades and recent years. Let´s introduce moments, players and coaches who created the history of one of the most successful Czech club. The club, which is rightfully an adornment of the West Bohemian metropolis and all the supporters can be proud of, FC Viktoria Plzeň.