Not only football present and daring future plans. Viktoria takes pride in their rich history too. In 2011 the club celebrated 100th anniversary and during its existence the fans experienced a lot of joy as well as some bitter moments – together with the players, coaches and managment of the club, they also wrote important chapters of the Czech football.

Viktoria is a tradition bearer of the club, which changed its name several times over the years. The fans supported these teams throughout the past century:

SK Viktoria Plzeň 1911–1948
ZSJ Škoda Plzeň 1949–1952
ZSJ ZVIL Plzeň 1952–1953
DSO Spartak LZ Plzeň 1953–1962
TJ Spartak LZ Plzeň 1962–1966
TJ Škoda Plzeň 1966–1990
TJ SK Škoda Plzeň 1990–1992
FC Viktoria Plzeň 1992–nowadays