Viktoria in short

For more than a century the football club FC Viktoria Plzeň has honored the region of West Bohemia and its main city of Pilsen. The inaugural meeting of the club took place on 11 June 1911 and in that same year Viktoria played its first match against Olympia Plzeň in red jerseys and dark blue shorts. Red and blue are the colors of the club and they remain so today on our uniforms. In 2011 we celebrated our centenary, and thanks to this, we can proudly call ourselves one of the oldest clubs in the Czech Republic.

During the years, Viktoria has competed, for example, against the famous Juventus Turin, welcomed Brazil’s Flamengo, and in 1971 went up against the stars of Bayern Munich in the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup. Viktorians have revisited this glorious history in recent years when the club was firmly established among the elite of Czech football. First, in 2010, they won the Czech Cup and qualified for the first time in its modern history for European club competitions. The most famous era of Viktoria began in 2011, when the club, in its centennial year, triumphed in the top premier domestic competition. Since then, Pilseners have twice took home the Czech championship title, twice advanced sensationally to the Champions League, and even took part in Europa League competitions three times.

The historical summary should not forget the important figures in Czech football who rose up through the ranks with Viktoria Plzeň. It’s enough just to name a member of the Club of League Strikers Stanislav Štrunc, the legendary František Plass, winner of the Golden Ball (award for best footballer in the world in 2003) Pavel Nedvěd, and the current captain of the Czech national team Petr Čech.