FC Viktoria Plzeň beat Sigma Olomouc 0:1 in the 19th round of the Synot League. The only goal of the match was scored by Tomáš Hořava. Viktoria keep sitting first after 3 spring matches.

„It was a really hard match. Olomouc had nothing to lose and I liked their game. They attacked us well and had plenty of energy. We created many chances but we couldn´t score. After the goal we started to focus on defending the leading,“ Daniel Kolář says. „We´ve played a hard match, Sigma were really good, smart and I´d like to praise Olomouc for their performance. We had more of the game but after the goal we uselessly defended the result,“ the midfielder Tomáš Hořava says.

Plzeň could lead in the 1st half after the penalty kick, however, Kolář failed in executing it. „I wanted to place the ball the closest to the upright but he sensed my side and was faster. I made a mistake that I didn´t look at the goalkeeper. Luckily we won so there was no fatal impact,“ Kolář describes.

The only scorer of the match is Tomáš Hořava. „I hadn´t too much time to think. Milan Petržela prepared it well but I didn´t deal with the pass as I wanted so I shot rather intuitively. But I´m glad I made it,“ Hořava describes. He did not celebrate tha goal much. „I used to play here in Olomouc and I still like it here. Olomouc is a nice city as well as the fans and people in the club. The fans also called out my name so I didn´t want to celebrate it too much,“ he adds.

Viktoria played in 10 men since 66 minutes because Radakovič was shown a red card. Nevertheless, the home team pushed Viktoria several times and were close to making the score equal. „We´ve got a lot to improve. The opponent attacked us wel and we had a lack of combination.Our performance was not ideal,“ Tomáš Hořava closes.