On 7th minutes of the ePojisteni.cz League FC Viktoria Plzeň won over Karviná 2:0. Both goals were scored by Tomáš Hořava. Viktoria were a better team and gained all 3 points deservedly.

„I don´t remember if I ever scored twice in one match. Maybe as a junior but as an adult definitely not. Before the penalty kick I was hesitating until the very last moment where to place it. I always try to push my shot the closest to upright and today the upright helped me,“ Tomáš Hořava says.

Tomáš Poznar played a specific match because his last match for Zlín, his previous team, was right against Karviná. „This team is like a destiny for me. I´m so happy we won and I really enjoyed the match. I´d like to thank my teammates for their performance,“ the forward describes.

Viktoria put the newcormer from Karviná under pressure and they only had one dangerous attempt. „We entered the match in a very good way, our performance was cool. Unfortunately, we should have score more goals. There´s still a lot to improve but I evaluate the match positively,“ Hořava adds.

Over 9 thousand fans supported Viktoria. „The atmosphere was fantastic again, the fans are amazing here. I´d like to thank them for being here and supporting us,“ Tomáš Hořava closes.