​Viktoria had many reasons to joy! They finally beat Romanian FCSB and with help of Lugano they could celebrate advancing to the spring phase of the Europa League. Milan Petržela, one of the scorers, and the midfielder Tomáš Hořava evaluated the match.

„I´ll evaluate the match positively because we fulfilled our target. We wanted to make it at home,“ Petržela is pleased. „Although we didn´t score in the 1st half, our coach told us to continue in our game. We succeeded in scoring right at the beginning of the 2nd half, which calmed us down. Then we scored again and that was it,“ the midfielder evaluates.

Tomáš Hořava regretted missed chances in the 1st half. „It´s a shame we didn´t score. We had plenty of chances but we missed centimetres. We kept believing that it´s gonna come later and we´d be rewarded,“ Hořava is happy. „We were deeply supported from the back and the whole team played well, I hope we´ll continue in our game like today,“ he adds.

Milan Petržela opened the score on 49 minutes. „I waited for the ball to fall down, I knew I can´t shot too hard so I wanted to place it close to an upright. I´m glad for it,“ he says. Hořava did not show his joy that Viktoria finally beat FCSB. „They´ve scared us a bit this season. We´re happy to beat them at the end. The EL spring is great,“ he closes.