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​Michael Krmenčík: We all regret those debacles, we have to take a lesson from that
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​Michael Krmenčík: We all regret those debacles, we have to take a lesson from that

Viktoria did not finish their midseason training week in Marbelle positively. They lost to Shanghai 1-5 and for the second time they lost highly by 5 goals. The match of two different half-times was evaluated by Michael Krmenčík and the coach Pavel Vrba.

„In the 1st half-time we played what we wanted. But in the 2nd half the whole team totally failed I can´t even explain. Everything went wrong,“ the coach Pavel Vrba was angry. „We conceded 10 goals in the last two matches, it´s startling. This is definitely not optimal for the next phase of the trainings,“ he regrets.

The scorer of the only Viktoria´s goal agrees. „We all are angry. The trainings were hard but we all are really sorry for the last two matches. On the other hand, I hope we take a lesson from that and we´ll get better now,“ the forward wishes.

The coach Vrba was satisdfied with the conditions for trainings in Spain. „The weather was great, the players played good portions of minutes, we had no problems with trainings. However, the result are not as we expected,“ he says.

Viktorians will have the last training in Marbelle tomorrow and on Friday they are going to fly home. Then they will have two days off and on Sunday they will play two friendly matches. against Holoubkov and Mladotice in Luční street at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. After that they will train at the home stadium. On 30th January they are going to fly to the second training week to Spanish Benidorm this time. „The second week will be more about tactics and the game itself,“ Michael Krmenčík closes.



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