Current 2018/2019 season will only have been finished in several weeks, however, Viktoria is to arm for the next one already. 3-year-contract with the club was signed by a former national team defender/midfielder Adam Hloušek.

The winner of the competition Talent of the year 2009 started to play football in Semily, then he moved to Jablonec where he went through junior teams to the 1st league. In 2009 he transferred to Slavia Praha, in January 2011 he returned to Jablonec from where he later left for German Kaiserslautern on loan. In Bundesliga he played 13 matches and scored 1 goal. Afterwards he went from Jablonec to Slavia Praha on loan again.

In December 2011 he again transferred to Germany, this time to Nuremberg. After the 2013/2014 season he moved to Stuttgart where he played for one and a half year before he left for Legia Warsaw. In that team he ranked among the players with most minutes played.

Adam Hloušek played 8 matches for Czech national team. In October 2009 he made his debut in World Cup qualification against Northern Ireland, he played his last (friendly) match against Lithuania on 22nd March 2017.

Nowadays this 30-year-old universal returned to the Czech league, he signed Viktoria Plzeň for 3 years. He will join Pavel Vrba’s team during the summer camp for 2019/2020 season. “We‘re glad to welcome such a player of high quality and with experience. Moreover, Adam can be used at more positions so his variability will surely be an advantage,” the CEO Adolf Šádek said.

Interview with Adam Hloušek

How much do you look forward to Plzeň?
“A lot. My motivation is huge, we don’t know yet, which UCL qualifying round we will play but this fact itself pushes me forward. I also hope it will be similar like last seasons and the team will fight for the title, it’s also higly motivating. I never reached Czech title, I got used to success in Poland and I hope to fight for the title with Plzeň, too.“

Your career was slowed down a bit by injuries, what is your current form?
“My most terrible period was when I was in Germany. After return you can say I’m back but it’s not like this, there’s still something missing there. Everyone who went through this will confirm my words – those left months were obvious. After my coming to Poland everthing started to settle and I reached the level where I wanted to be. It gave me experience, I accepted it and began to work more on myself on and off the pitch, I care more for my body. I feel definitely better than I used to.

You have gone through several years abroad. What experience did you get?
“It gave me really a lot. I played several years in Germany, in one of the top world’s leagues, so I learned a lot there. In Poland I had the best years in my career, I reached the biggest successes so I gathered plenty of experience. We played UCL, then UEL play-off, moreover we for example tied 3-3 with Real Madrid at home. I hope those gained experience will help me to be successful in Plzeň.“

Why did you decide to return back to the Czech Republic? Did you follow the league somehow?
“My contract in Legia is to run out so I was thinking about my future and decided I did’t want to wait until it runs out, it’s a high risk. I wanted to have a clear mind at the end of the season and to focus on important matches. I had some other offers from Eastern Europe or America but I didn’t want to go there, I preferred to have a stable background here. I also think I still have time for America because I want to fight for the European leagues and the domestic title, that’s why I decided to come back. I'm 30 and I still plan to play at the top level and to fight for the top places. That’s the reason I chose Plzeň.“

Do you know anyone from Viktoria’s team?
“Yes, there’s a lot of players who I met in national team – in juniors or in A squad. By coincidence I also met the team at a summer camp with Legia, for example in Malta or in Spain, we even played against them.“

- the friendly match was played in Benidorm in February 2018, Viktoria won 5-1, Hloušek played full time

Will you watch Viktoria’s matches now? What development of the fight for title do you expect?
“I’ve already started to follow the Czech league more. Of course, I’ve noticed the top teams all the time and I couldn’t miss Viktoria’s success in Europe, I watched every single match. In this season it has been written that Slavia’s margin is too big but Czech league is unpredictable. Slavia’s programme is busy and the loss is smaller, Viktoria is an experienced team and I myself know from Poland that 10-point loss before the championship group can mean nothing. In the final matches the teams play for 6 points and every loss counts. Anything can happen and I will have fingers crossed for Viktoria in order to reduce the margin and fight for the title.“