Before Olympiacos in a good temper. Viktorians made the second match of new FORTUNA:LEAGUE season and won in Liberec 2-1 thanks to goals of Pernica and Kopic.

2nd round, Fri 19th July 2019, 18:30, Stadium “U Nisy“

Liberec: Nguyen – Mikula, Kačaraba, Karafiát, Hybš – Breite, Oscar (73. Nešický) – Pešek (55. Koscelník), Mara, Potočný – Pázler (59. Musa)

Plzeň: Hruška – Řezník (10. Havel), Pernica, Brabec, Hloušek – Hrošovský, Kalvach – Kayamba, Čermák (86. Mihálik), Kopic – Krmenčík (81. Chorý)

Goals: 80. Musa – 57. Pernica, 71. Kopic, YC: Pešek, Breite – Kalvach, Krmenčík, Referees: Franěk – Koval, Dobrovolný.
Crowd: 5,142.

First half offered Viktoria’s game of top quality, however, dangerous chances did not show up. The hosts were very organized in defence and did not let Plzeň to any action. Jan Kopic produced a bigger chance when beating Mikula on the edge of the box but Aleš Čermák shot only to a defender.

The greatest chance of first half was seen on Liberec’s side. Jan Pázler escaped to offside border and rushed alone towards Aleš Hruška, however, the goalkeeper’s reaction was prompt and he enabled the forward to score. In the 45th minute the stadium did not see any goal.

It changed soon after the break. Milan Havel excellently crossed the ball to Lukáš Pernica who headed it and scored! Liberec quickly got over it and could equalize soon but Petar Musa nor Kamso Mara scored.

In the 71st minute Viktorians added the second goal. Luděk Pernica succeeded in an aerial tackle again, this time he assisted to Jan Kopic who increased Plzeň’s leading.

Footballers from Liberec dramatized the match 10 minutes before the end when Aleš Nešický crossed to Petar Musa and the margin was reduced. Nevertheless, the hosts were not able to add more goals so Viktoria won the second match of the season 2-1.

Luděk Pernica‘s Commentary

 “In first half we didn’t know how to get into the box so it was rather combination on Liberec’s side. We settled for the second half to be more patient and the chances will come later. We were leading 2-0 and then we conceded a useless goal, which shouldn’t happen but finally we secured the result and made it,“ Pernica evaluated the match.