The preparations for the 2019/2020 season spring period started on the 6th January. The first item on the to-do list – performance tests focused on power and speed. The first practice under the new coach Adrian Guľa is scheduled for Wednesday. What’s the current line-up?

At the beginning of the winter preparation period, there are 27 players and two goalkeepers at the new Slovakian coach’s disposal. Milan Havel, Pavel Bucha and Ubong Ekpai have returned from loan spell, Šimon Gabriel has advanced from the B-Team. The new acquisition Marko Alvir joined the team as well. Jan Kopic and Ubong Ekpai are currently dealing with health issues and they will join the team later. Because of this, Jakub Selnar will practice with the team as well. Selnar returned from loan in Sokolov.

As usual, the first two days of the practice period are dedicated to performance and physical tests. “The players go through physio-examination and run performance tests focused on speed and power. We would like to gain complete movement analysis and player’s physical condition overview. We will make use of this data later during the practice period,” explained fitness specialist Martin Kojnok.

The whole team will hit the pitch at Wednesday in the training centre in the Luční street. The players will have under-soil heated field at their disposal.

There are two-phase training sessions on the schedule, the team will also play three practice matches right in the training centre, one of which will be a double-match. On Monday 27th January, the red-whites will leave for Spain. They will take part in the traditional training camp in the city of Estepona and play four practice matches against international opponents.

You can find all the information, news, practice matches reports and photos regarding the winter preparation period on the website and on the team’s social network channels. Once again, you’ll have the chance look behind the curtain via Instagram stories. The FCVP TV Youtube channel will bring some interesting backstage videos especially from the training camp in Spain.

Current roster for the winter preparation period:

Goalkeepers: Aleš Hruška, Dominik Sváček, Jindřich Staněk.
Defenders: Jakub Brabec, Šimon Gabriel, Milan Havel, Lukáš Hejda, Adam Hloušek, Roman Hubník, David Limberský, Luděk Pernica, Radim Řezník.
Midfielders: Marko Alvir, Pavel Bucha, Aleš Čermák, Ubong Moses Ekpai*, Christián Herc, Tomáš Hořava, Dominik Janošek, Lukáš Kalvach, Joel Ngandu Kayamba, Jan Kopic*, Jan Kovařík, Ondřej Mihálik, Roman Procházka, Jakub Selnar, Pavel Šulc.
Strikers: Jean-David Beauguel, Tomáš Chorý, Michael Krmenčík.


New assets: Milan Havel (returned from loan, Bohemians 1905), Marko Alvir (free agent), Pavel Bucha (returned form loan, Mladá Boleslav), Ubong Moses Ekpai (returned from loan, České Budějovice), Pavel Šulc (returned from loan, Opava), Jakub Selnar (returned from loan, Sokolov), Šimon Gabriel (advancer from B-team), Jindřich Staněk (half year loan, České Budějovice).

Staff: Adrian Guľa (head coach), Marián Zimen (assistant coach), Marek Bakoš (assistant coach), Matúš Kozáčik (goaltending coach), Ladislav Kubalík (videoanalyst, scout), Martin Kojnok (fitness specialist).

Winter preparation period plan:

6th and 7th January – performance tests (power, dynamics)
8th January – first training session
18th January – FCVP vs. Ústí nad Labem (11am, Luční)
23rd January – FCVP vs. Viktoria Žižkov (11am, Luční)
23rd January – FCVP vs. Baník Sokolov (2pm, Luční)
27th January – Start of the training camp in Estepona
30th January – first practice match
30th January – second practice match
3rd February – third practice match
7th February – fourth practice match
7th February – End of the training camp in Estepona