FC Viktoria Plzeň wants to say thanks to all the paramedics, who stand at the front lines everyday and save our lives. We donated 100 original Viktoria kits, signed by the players, to put a smile on their faces during these difficult times.

“Football is not the most important issue at the moment. Unfortunately, we cannot make our fans happy directly on the pitch. Instead, we wanted to encourage the ones, who stand at the front line everyday and take care of our lives,” the club general manager Adolf Šádek stated.

He, accompanied by the coaches Adrian Guľa a Marek Bakoš, personally arrived to the Pilsen region Emergency Medical Service base at Bory in Pilsen, and presented 100 original Viktoria kits to the hands of the paramedics. These kits were prepared for the team’s cup matches in the 2019/2020 season. Each of the kits has been signed by the particular player, the kits come with a certificate of originality and a thank you note.

“Let me express my thanks to all the paramedics, as we deeply value their services. Of course, I would like to invite them for our football matches, as soon it will be possible. The paramedics will always be valued guests on our stadium and we will try our best to win the matches also for them,” head coach Adrian Guľa said.

“Football, apart from other sports, is tightly connected with the lives of the people of Pilsen, mainly thanks to the great success of Viktoria in the past few years. These times are difficult, not only for us, the professional paramedics standing at the front lines, but for all the citizens as well. We are glad the medics and the athletes work and stick together. For all of us, it is important to lead normal lives together with our hobbies, including football, hockey or theatre. That’s why we are really grateful to the Viktorians for such gesture and we hope, that we will overcome this situation together, and that it will end soon,” the director of the Pilsen region Emergency Medical Service Pavel Hrdlička said.