Together we have fun with football, together we help, wherever necessary. The long-time cooperation of Viktoria Plzeň and its general partner Doosan Škoda Power is based on this motto. This week, both of the entities donated 1000 disposable face masks and disinfectants to the Retirement home in Vejprnice. Similar activities soon to follow.

“We try to help in our region as much as possible. We joined forces with Viktoria and we help the most endangered social groups - the elderly, doctors and medics. We believe even a little contribution can help during such a difficult period,” HR manager of the Doosan Škoda Power Richard Kabuď added.

Doosan Škoda Power supports the local non-profit institutions such as retirement homes and hospices on a long-term basis. That’s why the company united once again with its long-term partner FC Viktoria Plzeň. Together with Viktoria legend Marek Bakoš, the company representatives presented 1000 disposable facemask and a disinfectant supply to the Retirement home in Vejprnice.

“We are really excited! Thanks to this delivery, we have enough face masks and disinfectant for our own use, which is really helpful!” the director of the Vejprnice Retirement home Markéta Zahálková stated.

“Together with our general partner Doosan Škoda Power, we want to provide another retirement home with protective gear in the course of the next week. We have already planned some other activities as well. I am glad we could join forces and help during such hard times,” club marketing manager Jaromír Hamouz said.