Viktoria Plzeň continues to help. While the players went through the first practice session, the club president Tomáš Paclík personally presented 1000 protective face shields to the doctors and medical personell of the University Hospital Pilsen.

Viktoria Plzeň deeply values the long-term partnership with the University Hospital Pilsen. Today, the club president Tomáš Paclík personally handed over the protective gear to the hospital director Václav Šimánek. The delivery consists of 1000 protective face shields, that will protect the doctors and medical staff of the hospital during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I believe the donation of our club will be useful and will immediately help to protect the doctors and the rest of the hospital personnel, as we deeply appreciate their work,” Tomáš Paclík stated during the delivery at the Hospital in Bory.

The thousand face shields will be distributed especially to the hospital wings, which takes care of the patients infected with the coronavirus. The shields can by used either by the doctors or the staff themselves, or by the potentially infected patients. The hospital director Václav Šimánek explains the need of protective gear: “In order to tackle the pandemics, and I mean not just us but the whole society, the medical staff working at the front lines has to be protected in a way, that prevents them from getting infected. We can win this fight, especially thanks to the public consideration and thoughtfulness and quality protective gear. Viktorians proved they have a big heart. I firmly believe that during the first games in front of the audience, the hospital staff will dress themselves in Viktoria colors. We want to express our biggest thanks for everything Viktoria is doing for us.”