Not only the first and main kit set. This time, we also have a second set especially developed and created just for Viktoria. We introduce the brand new kits developed by the Italian company Macron and we believe you will like it. Proud of our club, proud of our city.

Tradition. Elegance. Unique. Top class material.

These are the four key elements characterizing the new Viktorian kit for the 2020/21 season. While developing the kit, Viktoria has been tightly cooperating with the Italian manufacturer Macron, which specializes itself in supplying premium football gear. Recently, Viktoria joined the big Macron family.

TRADITION. The new kit reflects traditional club colours, red and blue. We also brought back the broad vertical stripes, which dominated the kits in the past and were favoured by the fans.

ELEGANCE. The new Viktorian kit is really stylish. The blue collar makes it look like fashionable polo shirt. For the first time you see the white colour decorating the kits, for example by the slits or by the neck.

UNIQUE. The kit was developed and created for Viktoria Plzeň only. That’s why it has been equipped with some unique symbols. There’s a part of the club’s anthem “Ať stale vítězí Viktoria” on the inside of the kit behind the neck. On the outside at the same spot, there’s the FCVP brand. The club logo and the logo of our general partner Doosan Škoda Power is a matter of course. There are different shades of blue colour implemented in the stripes on the front side of the kit, which is also a new idea. Not only the kit itself is unique, but also the shorts and the leg sleeves. There’s a embroidered FCVB logo on them, also for the first time in history.

TOP CLASS MATERIAL. Viktoria wants to present itself with modern and swift football, hard work and team effort. On the top of that, the players themselves need to feel comfortable on the pitch and have a quality sportswear. Viktoria’s cooperation with Macron guarantees all of that. All the kits have a slim fit cut and they were also developed using the micromesh technology, ensuring perfect permeability.

"I really like the new kit. Its design is really sophisticated and what I found particularly interesting were the details. But mainly, it is really comfortable for us players," Lukáš Kalvach said. He tried it on for the first time during the team photoshooting. "It suits us well and we believe it will help us win," the team’s captain Jakub Brabec added.

The kit comes with red shorts with a blue stripe and also red leg sleeves with FCVP brand. Both of that matches up extremely well with the new kit.

Proud of our city. Unique second kit set

For the first time in history, Viktoria possesses not one, but two unique kit sets! "Macron offered us great service in this respect. We focused on the development of the second kit deeply and the result is a unique kit for the away games," business and marketing director Jaromír Hamouz stated. This particular kit will be used by Viktoria for the two following seasons.

The second kit reflects the deep relationship between the Viktorians and the city of Pilsen. It emphasizes the tight and strong bond among the club, the city, the whole region and its citizens and the general partner Doosan Škoda Power. By their joint efforts, we achieved some great victories and success and the club represented their home not only all over the country, but also abroad.

The main element of the white kit is the embossed city logo. Therefore, Viktorians will represent their city both during the away games and during the European Cups matches. Everywhere they’ll go, it will feel like home!

The next distinctive symbol is located on the side of the kit - the heat pressed contour of the club logo. As well as on the home kits, there’s a piece of club’s anthem and the FCVP brand behind the neck.

"I’ve lived in Pilsen all my life and I am really excited about the kit! I believe it will make the fans happy," one of the club icons David Limberský said.

The white kits comes with red and blue decorative elements, white shorts and white leg sleeves.

Third set is different, as usual

Just like in the previous years, the third kit set will be distinguished by unusual colours. It’s a black kit with a subtle stripe and distinct green sections. It comes with green shorts and leg sleeves.

Three new kit sets are waiting for the Viktorian goalies as well. They can pick from orange, green and anthracite coloured kits.