The head coach Miroslav Koubek answered questions at the press conference after the match.

Was the extra time at the end of the first half the decisive moment of the match?

We can say yes. Two goals were scored during the extra time. Even though Olomouc held on to the ball at certain times of the match, we didn’t allow them any major scoring chances. I had the impression we were the most dangerous at the beginning of the match. Our attacking force culminated during the last couple of minutes of the first half. The first goal gave us the proper motivation. Olomouc had one rare chance from the set piece and they scored. They were more effective than us, we started to be effective as late as during that extra time. We clenched the opponent and hit him twice. That made me happy and it was the decisive moment.

Did you have time to tell the players to keep pushing after the first goal?

It just came out naturally. They all felt reborn and encouraged. On the other hand, the opponent’s confidence was shaken and they were under pressure. We started to get every ball, it just bounced to our feet. We got the opponent under pressure and scored twice. Cadu played really well in the offense. He needs to improve in the defense though, get some experience. But he is a really valid player in the offense. I could say the same about Jan Kopic. At this stage, we use the strikers at the half-back positions.

Cadu played a very good game. Will his performance get him more time on the pitch?

Cadu is versatile and variable. Once he goes from the right, the other time from the left. As a Brazilian, he is very a technical and skilled player with the ball. I can see that every day during practice. But we need to improve our shape. It’s difficult to get fit with this tough schedule we have though. We can’t train the way we want to. We haven’t trained properly for a month, we’re travelling all the time. We either have a pre-game practice or a post-game practice, that’s all. We keep fit by playing the games only.

Six wins in a row, can we start calling it a winning streak?

Let’s stay low. A very good opponent awaits us now. I was really surprised how good the team of Kostanay really is. We have a very tough nut to crack. After the match, we’ll see if we’re on the winning streak or not.

Tough opponent and a long way ahead of us again. What do you expect from the trip to Kazakhstan?

I’m not gonna lie, we wished to play against Derry City, solely because of the travel aspect. They allowed a goalkeeper to perform a penalty kick and you know how that turned out. We wanted to go to Ireland, because of better transport possibilities. But the situation is different and we have to accept that, even with the tough schedule and travelling.

The injured players slowly return to the roster. How important is that for you?

We couldn’t use the two strikers scheme in the last two games. We had only two strikers left, Kliment and Rafiu. We couldn’t use both of them from the start, because we would have no one for substitution at their position. We’re glad Tomáš Chorý is back and we hope Matěj Vydra will be ready soon. Erik Jirka is back as well and that give us more variability.