After the match of the 7th round of FORTUNA:LIGA we interviewed the head coach Miroslav Koubek.

Mr. Coach, today was the ninth consecutive competitive win. How important is that after a less than ideal start?

It´s obviously very important because we are still making up for the five points we lost in the first two league rounds. In that respect, we can´t afford to do anything other than avoid further fluctuations if we want to be as high up the table as possible. Although, of course, sport brings those too. You can´t win everything and neither can the other teams. It is important that we are still in touch with the top.

Is it an important win before the national break?

Yes, definitely. It´s better to go into the national break with a win than to lose and spend a fortnight digging around. Then the mood is not good, which is not the case now.

What was the stepping stone to better performance?

We analyzed everything a lot. Our whole implementation team. I have to praise the assistants because they did a very good job. We made the right assessment of where we were lacking at the time. We made both personnel and system changes. Then it caught on.

We are going to have a national break, so will there be a place to train hard now?

In this national break it depends on the needs of the individual team. Some teams need to recharge their batteries, so to speak, I would use the wording, and train very hard, and some teams that have a demanding schedule need to let the players rest. We choose the second option, where of course we train, but we don´t want to devastate the team.

Do the moments that Sampson Dweh shows from time to time, when he throws the ball behind his heel and so on, leave you calm?

The audience likes it and we´re waiting to see what comes out of it. Most of the time he gets it right, and knowing him here, I don´t think he´ll be any different. He´s such a showman.