After the match against FK Jablonec, head coach Miroslav Koubek answered questions from journalists.

Are you happy with the way the players turned the game around or do you chastise them for letting two goals in?

There is definitely satisfaction with the result, no doubt about it. I was worried about this game. Anyone who hasn´t experienced the schedule from Thursday to Sunday won´t understand. You are in Kazakhstan, you sleep all night on Friday and you have to prepare the team for Sunday. There were concerns about the state we were going to be in. We had to make changes, we put in players who were in Kazakhstan but didn´t play. Some energy was saved there, but it´s impossible to say that we were fresh.

Is that why you made five changes in the starting eleven?

When you make five changes, it has a certain consequence, the disruption of a stable line-up, and I saw it in the defensive line. Today it was a bit difficult defensively, we were not completely confident. I didn´t like the defensive display, the system block, which I like. On the other hand, I would praise the offense. That´s where the energy came in the form of Matej Vydra or Erik Jirka, for example. I was satisfied there, it had juice. It´s a pity we didn´t convert our chances, it made life difficult for us not to convert them.

The goal for 3:2 was scored right after the kick-off, was it a rehearsed situation?

I don´t think it was rehearsed. It came out of the game. Rafiu Durosinmi extended it beautifully to Matej Vydra, who had a great feeling at that moment that it was going to come there and took advantage of the moment, Matej is good at that. A beautiful goal and we were delighted.

Now it´s the national break which will be long, can you describe what your schedule will be like? Will it be different compared to the usual league programme?

It depends on the mode the team is in before. If we weren´t playing Mariánské Lázně right now, I would let the team rest with training, where you train the skill and at the same time the players have fun, rest and get the weekend off. But we have a cup there. We´re glad that Mariánské Lázně accommodated us and we could spread out the demanding schedule. At the moment we will prepare for the MOL Cup match on Thursday. After Sunday comes the preparation for the league game.

Matěj Vydra scored the winning goal. Is he getting back to the form he had in England and do you see in him the qualities of a player who can help Plzeň a lot?

He is slowly getting into the game. He played with Pardubice from the beginning. It´s a game by game thing where we consider how the opponent plays and who fits better. Matěj is far from what he was doing before his injury. It hurts him that he doesn´t play regularly. No name in the world is in optimal condition when he doesn´t have regular match practice. We´re getting him into the game, over sixty minutes today, Pardubice were there, he´s rebounding some games, he´s been in the cup for a while as well, so he´s in the game and that goal helped him. It´s a pity the first one wasn´t awarded.