After the match of the third round of the MOL Cup, assistant coach Jan Trousil answered journalists´ questions.

How will you evaluate today´s game?

We wanted the boys to approach the match with maximum concentration and not to allow any blunder. That was the plan, and it worked. The second half was already a difference, we scored ten goals in total and came for the promotion. We are satisfied with the result and the performance.

What did you say about the atmosphere in the stands?

A lot of fans came. We wanted to entertain them and score as many goals as possible. The players who don´t have such a heavy workload showed that they have high quality. We are very happy that the guys who needed goals for confidence were able to score.

Were you worried after making so many changes in the starting eleven?

In preparation, the coach reminded the boys of what they´ve been through. Who´s been through the national team, the U21s, what they´ve done. The outcome of the speech was that this eleven can´t allow a blunder. The boys played with gusto. We needed Vydra to score goals, we needed Kliment to play. It was done.

The more experienced players, who played after a long time, showed that they still have quality?

Absolutely. Radim Reznik, for example, showed that he is a pro in every way. He ran the defense. Robin Hranac proved what a great stopper he´s growing into. In short, they all proved that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Matej Vydra scored a hat trick.

We hope he´ll keep scoring goals. He´s been going at 100% in every practice and game when he gets minutes. The more space he gets, the more goals he´ll score. He´s extremely dangerous for the opposing defense. We are happy to be able to share the load between four quality forwards.

How does Honza Sýkora feel?

He´s been in the training unit for a while now, he´s played twice for the B´s. He shows in training that he is a full-fledged player. His minutes on the court will increase, but it will depend on him how he uses them.