As fans of the Croatian team are banned from entering the stadium due to a disciplinary penalty, special security measures are in place for Thursday´s match. Fans are asked to read them carefully and remember to bring their ID or proof of permanent residence to the stadium along with their tickets.

As previously announced, only Czech citizens and citizens who prove permanent residence in the Czech Republic will be allowed to enter the stadium.

Ticket and identity checks will be carried out directly on entry, and each adult fan will have to present proof of permanent residence (ID card, driving licence, passport or document confirming permanent residence in the country).

In the case of children under 15 accompanied by an adult, one document is sufficient for the accompanying person.

Fans wearing GNK Dinamo Zagreb jerseys, scarves and other fan insignia will not be admitted to the stadium, regardless of the validity of the ticket and without the right to a refund.

"This is a necessary measure that we have already taken several times in the past. The aim is to prevent Dinamo fans from entering the stadium and to ensure maximum safety for all match visitors. We believe that everything will go perfectly smoothly and the fans will enjoy a great evening of football," said club spokesman Václav Hanzlík. "At the same time, we would like to ask and invite our fans to arrive at the stadium well in advance to avoid queues during the entrance procedure," he adds.

The guest sector, as we have already reported, will be filled with children from football clubs from all over the Pilsen region after UEFA´s approval.