Viktoria Plzeň coach Miroslav Koubek before the match against GNK Dinamo.

Coach, how tempted are you to secure your promotion after the fourth round?

We´re halfway through the group, the other half is ahead of us. We have nine points from the first half and we know we clearly have some more to do. Tomorrow we have the first opportunity to do that and we will do everything we can to do it and add some points again to consolidate the position.

How big a complication is Matej Vydra´s injury?

It´s a complication because we had four players available. Of course, you can vary the formation and the number of players up top. Even in the substitution factor itself, our room for manoeuvre has narrowed. I admit it´s a complication, we´re down to our last two strikers and I can´t imagine what would have followed if there had been any more dropouts. We would have had to cope, but we got into tighter positions in those positions.

Is winning against Slavia a boost for you?

Generally, when you win the last game, the team gets into a good mental state, so I believe that this experience will be confirmed.

What did you learn from the Zagreb game, what could have been better in your eyes?

I was happy with that game, we won on a difficult ground against a difficult opponent and the positive lessons from that game prevail, so I wouldn´t look for any negative ones.

What did the last Dinamo game in Varaždin tell you?

Of course we saw the match, in terms of the game and the action on the pitch, Dinamo dominated the match and the opponent played very honestly in defence. Dinamo, although they equalised in the setup, were a level better team than the home team Varaždin, so they confirmed their quality, especially their strong technical side and the resulting very good combination. We know they are not scoring that many goals now, it would be good if they could keep it up. I think they miss Petkovic, but so do we.