Miroslav Koubek, the head coach, and Lukáš Kalvach answered the journalists´ questions at the press conference.

Lukáš, how different will tomorrow´s game be compared to the first one in Pilsen?

I think it will be a different game, Ballkani is playing "at home". Plus, the opponent has a lot at stake. We know they are strong on the ball, and individually they are well equipped. I´m sure we´re in for another tough game. We have to be honest at the back. We definitely want to succeed despite the fact that the opponent has to win if they want to think about promotion.

You´ve already been to see the pitch. Do you think it´s better than the one in Pristina?

The pitch is definitely better than the one in Pristina. I expect good football to be played and it will be a great game.

Will it be a problem for the team not to be able to lean on a tall striker like Tomas Chorý or Rafiu Durosinmi up front?

It certainly won´t be a problem. We know that together they form a very strong duo up front and we were able to exploit that. We´ve been missing Raffi for a while now. I believe we can replace both guys.

Coach, you came to Albania with two strikers, one of them is Pavel Hasek, who plays for the B-team. So we can assume that Jan Kliment will start tomorrow, right?

I have such a personal tradition that I never comment on our line-up and strategy before a game. The formation is related to that. If you´ll forgive me, I won´t talk about this topic at length here.

You have a really busy schedule ahead of you now. Rotation of the line-up is offered.

We know the program is demanding. We know what´s coming. We don´t have the other ones in our heads. We´re focusing on tomorrow, Sunday and Wednesday in Boleslav. Three games in seven days, logically we will have to change the line-up a bit. That makes sense. We and the players know how to do it. I don´t want to reveal the cards now, but I agree that we have to mix it up.

Do you think Ballkani could play very hard and physical because they don´t have that kind of football workload?

Ballkani is a technical team. A game like the one at Hradec on Saturday, which was really physically demanding, would surprise me. This system of play is not entirely their own. Their style is based on technique, combination and good movement. I´m expecting more of this concept.