Plzeň beat Hradec Králové 1-0 when on 81 minutes Lukáš Hejda scored the only goal. The home team was a very unplesant opponent, nevertheless, Viktoria made it and won.

„The match as well as the lawn were hard. Hradec were well-prepared for us but we won and we´re so glad for that,“ Lukáš Hejda says. He scored his 5th goal in the season and although he playes at defender´s position, he belongs to the best team scorers. „I always had like 1 goal a season but this season the number is rising and I´m only happy for that,“ he smiles.

Roman Hubník is satisfied as well. „Hradec prepared really well for this match and they played actively. They made several problems to us but we scored a goal after a free kick and that decided,“ the captain admits. „It was a hard match. If the opponent is strong, they can be very unpleasant at home,“ the defender notes.

Viktoria did not stop playing after a failed penalty kick. „We had te be patient because we still believed we can do it,“ Lukáš Hejda explains.