Viktorians, our time finally came, new FORTUNA:LEAGUE season has begun. Viktoria played the 1st round and welcomed Sigma Olomouc at the home stadium. Fans could happily leave the house because their team won the opening match of the season.

1st round, Sat 13th July 2019, 19:30, Doosan Arena

Plzeň: Hruška – Řezník, Hejda (34. Pernica), Brabec, Limberský – Hrošovský, Kalvach – Kayamba, Čermák, Kopic (88. Kovařík) – Krmenčík (78. Chorý)

Olomouc: Reichl – Sladký, Beneš, Štěrba, Vepřek (90. Zmrzlý) – Texl (70. Pilař), Houska, Greššák, Plšek (81. Nešpor), Falta – Yunis

Goals: 40. Kayamba, 72. Kopic, 90+4. Kovařík – 34. Plšek (pen.), YC: Kopic, Kayamba – Štěrba, Greššák, Falta, Yunis, Vepřek, Látal (coach), 2nd YC+RC: 70. Yunis, Referees:Pechanec – Flimmel, Melichar.
Crowd: 9,611.

Plzeň jumped into the match boosted by new energy and during first minutes they had several chances to open the score. Radim Řezník was very active on the right side and twice found Michael Krmenčík in the box but he lacked some centimetres.

Despite Viktoria were very active from the beginning, the team to open the score was their opponent. Jakub Plšek scored from a penalty kick.

The atmosphere in Doosan Arena was sad only 6 minutes. In the 40th minute Aleš Čermák crossed the ball behind Olomouc’s defence to Joel Kayamba who scored from a turn. The half-time result was 1-1.

The home team entered the second half very well and performed one amazing action after another. In the 72nd minute they deserved to get in leading. Aleš Čermák neatly got through the opponent’s players, passed the ball to Jan Kopic who finally added the second goal.

Plzeň could secure the victory by the third goal and they did! At the very end of the match Jan Kovařík lobbed behind the goal line with the assistance of Aleš Čermák, his third one this night. Viktoria won 3-1 and gained the first three points in the current season.

Pavel Vrba’s Commentary

 “We played against opponent who performed a very good match. They were active and tried to be dangerous in offensive phase. We‘ll regret those burnt chances when the score was 0-0 andon the contrary they scored from the first bigger chance,” the coach felt sorry. “But I would like to praise the team that they made it and won 3-1. Our game was very active,“ he added.