The hit of the 11th round of FORTUNA:LEAGUE finished by a victory! Plzeň beat Sparta Praha 1-0 in this highly expected match and the only goal was scored by Michael Krmenčík. The striker experienced more than a good weekend because his second daughter Melanie was born the day before.



Hruška – Řezník, Hejda, Brabec, Limberský – Kalvach, Procházka (90+4. Pernica) – Kopic, Hořava (90+1. Beauguel), Kovařík – Krmenčík (83. Chorý)


Heča – Sáček, Kaya, Lischka, Frýdek – Hložek (70. Graiciar), Hašek (77. Juliš), Kanga, Trávník, Plavšić – Kozák


Goal: 46. Krmenčík, YC: Brabec, Chorý – Trávník, Plavšić, Graiciar, Referees: Pechanec – Blažej, Flimmel

Attendance: 11,536

First half could be divided into two different phases. In the opening one the home team was more active and could be in leading from the 2nd minute. David Limberský crossed the ball to Jan Kovařík in the left who precisely prolonged to Roman Procházka, however, he hit only an upright.

Plzeň set another action 20 minutes later. Kovařík was involved again but this time his pass aimed to Jan Kopic who was finally stopped by Milan Heča. Afterwards Sparta directed the game and by a good combination they set a counter attack. David Limberský performed superb slide and stopped their effort.

Guélor Kanga did not succeed in the following chances against Aleš Hruška in good position or against Adam Hložek after Martin Hašek’s crossed ball. First half ended goalless.

Second half could not start better. David Lischka made a huge fault when serving the ball to Michael Krmenčík and the forward celebrated the opening goal of Viktoria.

In the 69th minute he netted the ball again but this goal was not counted because of a faul seen in VAR. 5 minutes before the end of the match Viktoria produced amazing action when Tomáš Hořava crossed to Tomáš Chorý in the box but both were stopped by Heča.

Plzeň did not have to regret the uncounted goal or missed chances. Viktoria secured their leading and finally beat Sparta 1-0.

Michael Krmenčík’s Commentary

 “My daughter‘s birth was in my head. I was thinking about my family, I scored the goal for them. But it was difficult. When I was approaching the goalkeeper I didn’t know if Iwas there sooner but finally I got there. I saw an uncovered net and luckily I scored,“ he describes.