At the post-match press conference, head coach Miroslav Koubek answered questions from journalists.

Mr. Coach, how do you evaluate the game?

We are happy that we won for the seventh time in a row. 2:1 is a good result, a win on a hot ground is valuable. But it´s not a done deal by any means. Today´s match just confirmed that Tobol is a really unpleasant opponent. He chose to play with a high pressing and aggressive style. They were getting bounced balls after headers and we had a lot of work to do. It wasn´t an easy game, it wasn´t easy to stand up to. We worked well and we defended well. When we got the ball, we exerted our strengths.

Your rotation has borne fruit, don´t you agree?

With the arrival of Chorý and Vlkanová, our game picked up. The result was two goals that sent us into the lead. I regret the penalty at the end. We shouldn´t have let the pressure get to us. Then came the unfortunate hand of Lukáš Hejda, which the referee judged the way he did. We would have liked to win by a goal before the game, but we regret the reduction at the end. Without it, the result would have been more pleasant.

Will you go into the rematch as favourites?

We have to, of course. We´ll be at home, the stadium will be full, the crowd will help us. Our confidence is the same as before the game, we have faith in ourselves.

Do you praise the players for following the tactical instructions?

The game is a doubleheader. The basic idea was to defend the match well. We knew that our attacking ability is so good that we will get chances, which was confirmed. We managed to put a solid brake on the opponent´s counterattacks. I don´t have much to criticize the team in this aspect. But I think we were worse in offensive duels. We wanted to take a good result into the rematch, which we did, so I have to praise the team.

You added more points to the coefficient today.

It´s definitely a good thing, it´s a little bit more to the mill of Czech football. A win counts, good news for the Czech coefficient.

How do you like the defensive trio?

It cost a lot on defense today. These guys have very good individual quality, mobility, focus and rebounding skills. That´s where it fits. Positive message from the last few games.