He was very happy after the winning game in Astana. Viktoria Plzeň coach Miroslav Koubek appreciated how the players reacted to the goal they conceded and finished the match with a 2-1 victory. Read the evaluation.

How was today´s victory born?

Certainly hard. We knew that Astana has a very strong team, we played on a special surface and we knew that we were going to have a tough match, which was confirmed. It was a game that had a lot of energy, it had emotion. I think both teams gave a good performance, we were one goal better.

Was it crucial for the development of the whole match that we managed to equalise so early?

Yes, of course. The goal we got after an unfortunate run got us into trouble, it was a complication. I appreciate the way the team reacted and how they managed to turn the game around. We went for the equaliser, it came after a nice action. There were very good situations on our side.

It´s the second win in the Conference Europa League group, how important is it for the progress of the group?

Of course the win is golden, we signed a home win against Ballkani. It´s important for us to win here and we are happy about it and we are getting into a good position at this stage of the group development.

Jan Kopic and Lukáš Kalvach both claimed the winning goal, how did you see it from the bench?

I´m fixated on Jan Kopic.

Lukáš Hejda was substituted by Václav Jemelka, how did you think he did?

Lukáš has a problem with his ankle and achilles and these terrains are not good for him. It was already during the preparation for today on the artificial grass that he felt it. He´s the captain of the team, a leader and an experienced player, so it´s always a complication. I appreciate Vaclav Jemelka, who waited a long time for a chance, how he came into it and played it perfectly.

You beat Ballkani at home and Astana today, how similar are these teams?

It´s hard to compare because we played Ballkani at home. Today we played in an outdoor environment. We knew that Astana is very strong at home. I wouldn´t go into comparisons, each team has its own strengths. Ballkani is also a very good team.