Coach Miroslav Koubek after the match in Ďolíček against Prague Bohemians.

From your point of view, was it a precisely tactically managed match?

I would say yes. Our tactical plan worked perfectly today. We presented a very active game, very courageous. We wanted to take Bohemka by surprise in a high position. We did well with our actions. There were some good things, some good runs. The first two actions were successful, first a goal by Tomáš Chorý and then Pavel Šulc. From the edge of the half we were very productive. We certainly didn´t plan to defend the result. Bohemka came at us in the second half. I have to tip my hat to the way they pushed us. On the other hand, we put ourselves in the kind of compact block that we know how to play and overall, even though it may not seem like it, we were in control of the game. We were able to turn away Bohemia´s attempts to get into the penalty area, and even with the help of Tomáš Chorý, we managed to pull it off.

Is this the start of the spring you imagined?

Definitely, if I take the Boleslav, Ostrava and Bohemka triple, they were very good opponents. If I had predicted that we would get seven points out of it, I would have been satisfied. At the moment, we can talk about the fact that we had a good start to the spring.

What made the decision to start Cheick Souaré and how do you evaluate his performance?

I rate him positively, he surprised me pleasantly. We let him adapt. Of course, the basic halfbacks are Cadu and Kopic. He had to wait for his chance and he got it after Honza Kopic couldn´t play because of yellow cards. I see him in training and I had no doubt he could do it.

Pavel Šulc has nine goals in the league at the moment, how many do you think he can reach?

We´ll see. Typologically he is an offensive midfielder and not a striker, we will see how many more goals he scores. He was flying on the pitch today and gave a great performance. He crowned his performance with a goal today and you can see that he is dedicated to shooting in training. It´s no coincidence that he´s scoring like that.

Jhon Mosquera was in the starting lineup for the first time in a long time. Has he shown that he has a place on the pitch?

He´s shown character, he was hard to get into the lineup in the fall. He had no place in the 3-5-2 system, he didn´t give up, he worked hard in training. He has a place in the 3-4-3 system. I appreciate the fact that he showed character and didn´t give up.