Miroslav Koubek after Viktoria Plzeň´s victory over Zlín.

Was it a controlled performance from your point of view?

I think that except for some situations we didn´t let the opponent have a chance. We won about 12:1 on shots on goal, so I think it was a controlled performance. We had a lot of chances.

Do you think Pavel Šulc is in national team form?

We´ll leave that question for others to grapple with. He is currently the best scorer in the competition, what more can I say? I say it all the time, he´s an offensive midfielder, he´s not a striker and that´s why he has a fascinating record. Not so long ago he had the label of a chance burner and today he leads the scorers table.

How happy are you with Jhon Mosquera´s performances?

Even in the autumn he showed that when we play three up front he can play well and his floor is the left side. In a 3-4-3 system, Mosqi is really a very important player and will find his place there.

You welcomed a new signing Metsoka in the week, have you considered any minutes today?

 Not yet, he was nominated today to get a feel for the atmosphere. It wasn´t on the agenda today. It was about sensing the atmosphere of the Doosan Arena, in the team. I could see he was attentive and watching everything carefully.

You received a yellow card today, what happened there?

I think it´s a well-known fact about me that I´m not a freak. I told the linesman that I believe there was a two metre offside.  The action continued and Zlín got a standard from it. I disagreed that he should have let it go. I told him my opinion. I feel innocent (laughs).